Back into the Blog after a tiiiiiiiiiiny break

It’s been a while… we need to talk

So after 4 years of neglect I thought I’d come back to ‘the blog’ – and so much has changed in this little corner of the interwebs! New WordPress version which comes with a whole new design and ‘blocks’ – which seem a bit odd and will need learning.

For those that might recall the previous layout, I’ve ditched the old template because it looked like something hideous from a 1970’s Star Trek convention… and went with something more contemporary, simple, clean and just a change really. I had to go back via my hosting company to get an SSL cert so you see that https up in the URL bar (because I recall Google getting really shitty about HTTP sites and wanted HTTPS everywhere….)

I was thinking of starting to do some blog spots about stuff I own and use as a ‘best practice guide’ for things like IT Security tools & toys, Beer Drinking, Listening to Music – you know the important stuff!

In the mean time, I seem to have a habit of creating and curating dozens of Spotify Playlists and was just finished putting together my; ‘Best Dance Tunez of 2018’ playlist, and I noticed a really kool new feature for embedding code from Spotify Playists into webpages or blogs, so try this:

This was just a short stop by after the 4 year cold spell… will attempt to bring some useful blog posts and MIGHT even get around to the sorting the podcast I’ve been pondering on for far too long.

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