Real News vs The News Reel

Blogging about certain subjects can slightly agitate some people and really enrage others.

Reaction to either news stories or people’s opinions to those stories can impact you personally because you associate them to an experience of your own or you take the moral high ground because you either think it’s wrong or obscene, thinking you’re expected to dislike or feel strongly about what you read, which can sometimes be the objective of what you’re reading, seeing or hearing; to illcit a response!

Before evening publishing this blog I know some people will either be thinking, or saying, “w*nker” but this is my opinion and I say what I think…

Writing this on the 9th September 2011, it is two days away from 11th September and 10 years since the planes hit the Twin Towers in New York.
Now, what happened did happen, it was unfortunate and a lot of people sadly and needlessly lost their lives, however without malice or insensitivity; I don’t want to see another news story about it on every newspaper & magazine or see tv programmes on 101 perspectives of who, what, where, when and why it happened. Even trying to avoid adverts for programmes I’m still seeing “Inside the Twin Towers”, “9/11 Remembered”, “The Conspiracy files; 9/11” and pushing the boundaries of creativity “Twins of the Twin Towers”, a tale of Twins who lost other halves in the event. The whole media saga, in my opinion is actually more about paper sales and viewing figures than actually delivering news worthy coverage on a subject that I want to hear or read about now. Anyone who wants to re-live the events need only check YouTube but seeing the same flames, falling rubble and smoke filled streets that I saw 10 years ago doesn’t interest me! The guy behind the organisation responsible for 9/11 is dead, murdered in Pakistan only a short time ago, so take that as some closure and find me something else to watch / read with my coffee & toast that is going to benefit me!

This leads onto Media in general on other sensitive subjects, those that come to mind are; Madeline McCain, Joanna Yeates, MP’s Expenses & Phone Hacking (which wasn’t phone hacking anyway, it’s unlawful interception of voicemails) which, in my opinion Newspapers and News Channels pounce on like Vampires on heat! They are very insensitive about the actual victims and in the cases of Madeline and Joanne, there are 100’s if not 1000’s of similar abductions, missing persons and murders involving British Citizens at home and abroad which never even see the inside page of a Newspaper, let alone the front cover or get their 30 seconds on TV News, because their faces don’t fit and they won’t sell or attract viewers. It’s quite a sick, commercial, sensationalized and a money driven business. In the case of the Yeates murder, due to the Media involvement the police first arrested the wrong guy! Though granted he was a bit of a weirdo, but it was the Media who focused on the landlord, sensationlised his past and turned him into a suspect.
Trawling some figures online, between OFSTED and Home office it seems on average, between 60 and 100 Children under 16years of age are killed each year in the UK, but what percentage of those reach the view of the public via the Media. I also found an interesting article from the National Policing Improvement Agency which says approximately 200,000 people went missing in the year 2009 / 2010, of which 2000 people remain missing for longer than a year and approximately 20 people a week are found dead after being reported missing!  Where’s the coverage and assistance to the families of the adults and children to help find these missing persons before they become another statistic.

As a reader and Amazon subscriber to the Guardian / Observer, yes I do provide the lining in the pockets of one media group, I do find the paper does a better and less dramatised job of telling me the news compared to some of the other tripe out there (No, this isn’t going to turn into a slagging match about Newspapers, but you know who they are). So I’m not saying all news is bad news, just in my opinion the way a lot of news is Cherry Picked is in no way for the interest of providing me, the viewer, with something useful. It’s more to attract attention, illcit response and ultimately make news companies money.

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