Thinking about blogging

I’ve always been one to come up with random facebook status’, make witty comments on other peoples photos and more recently got into using twitter. I thought about starting a blog some time ago, maybe even years ago but never did.

Maybe it was a mixture of thinking no one would read it, not sure on the best way to do it or even being concious about revealing too much about myself as I always have been quite anal about personal information – I’m always one to ask why the person asking about me wants to know, you ask for my full name, my date of birth, my mobile number, my address…. My first thought is always why? And do you actually need this info to do whatever it is you’re doing for me.

It annoys me the amount of info people expect you to disclose, and for what? To send me junk mail, call me trying to sell me something I don’t want or need, try and get me to fill in some nonsense survey or just file me away on a database until you decide you want to profit from my info by selling my details to someone else to do exactly the same thing.

So I’ll give this blogging a go. I expect it to be a mix of thoughts and feelings of things I come across, things I read or hear. I can be quite opinionated and I know it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, I have no problems speaking my mind.

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