ohhh new .UK domain but is it really worth it?

So while I realise I’ve not written a post for about 8 months… I did a domain update today, so thought I’d better check into wordpress and do a plug-in update AND while I was here, mention the new .UK domain

In amongst the dozens of emails I get, I’d been notified by my hosting provider that a new domain ending has been released to the UK that was simply called “.UK” and as owner of 50pecent.co.uk I had first dibs on the new domain, which makes sense  (it is nice to see some common sense used from time2time)…  not that I have any intellectual property ownership over the name 50percent, this was just a nickname I picked up from playing Aussie Rules Footy in London in days gone by…   I liked it, stuck with it and was lucky enough that no one else had decided to register the domain in the UK so I picked it up a few years back.  🙂

I digress… So, I was advised I could register 50percent.UK so I thought why not, I paid £10 for 3 years ownership and popped it on my existing hosting package. So you can now get to this Blog post via both 50percent.co.uk or 50percent.uk    BUT is it really worth it?  I’m not sure. While it’s a nice to have, it’s inexpensive, I’m not quite sure I get the point why it was released at all.     It’s 3 characters shorter but erm…  that’s about it.     I’m not sure of the risk of two competing brands coming to blows over a “.co” between their company name and the “.uk”.  Is this just a way for nominet to spin some more cash, or actually make it appear like they are adding any value to the UK internet domain arena, because lets face it – it’s not like they do much else, other than write policy about how we should use UK domains.   Nominet have a campaign page about .uk domains http://www.dotuklaunch.uk/ if you’re interested.

Domain names do seem to be a new fad. While I understand .com or .co.uk might be in shorter supply if your just joining the internet revolution, is the new trend of Domains that are popping up including “.London”, “.xxx”, “.sport” or any name you can be bothered to put after your DOT, the right way to go.   They don’t appear to have been adopted amongst the regular web services I use yet, but no doubt in a few months you’ll start getting emails from “.facebook”, “.twitter” or “.amazon”   Or the more tech savvy might start with something like dave@jones.windowcleaners  but that’s just weird.      Like with pre-pay mobile numbers, Voip landline numbers, email address’ – are domain names going to become disposable?

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